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Welcome to the Asylum

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Val has got permission from the Himotos, and is currently puttering around in the kitchen, humming under his breath as he fixes a mind-boggling assortment of food for his friends.

Once through the nexus door, guests will almost immediately be accosted by an entire flock of very friendly, very noisy, very large birds. Dodos, to be precise. Dodos begging to be petted. There are also a handful of colorful peacocks and peahens around, but the feathered aristocrats aren't going to accost visitors.

The door to the castle is heavy wood, so knocking wouldn't be helpful, but there's an attractive bell-pull just to one side.

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excited excited
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Sky is huuuungry. He walks through the halls, trying to remember the way to the kitchen. He'd hardly left his room since he moved in and when he had eaten it was usually through PINpointing to some of his favorite cafes. Today though, he felt like making his own food. He needed a kitchen adventure.

Wrong turn.

Wrong turn.

Wrong turn.

"Dammit. I've gotta ask for a map." he said, slinking to sit on the floor with his back against the wall until someone came along that could give him directions.

* * *
With Spooky Food:

Tomato Juice (And yes, it is in test tubes)
Pumpkin Pudding with Meringue Gosts
Vampire Kiss Martinis (Vodka, Champagne, and Chambord. Garnished with blood orange slices instead of teeth.)
Fruit Punch (Orange juice, Maraschino Liqueur, and Limoncello w/ licorice stirrers)
Spicy Bat Wings and Bat Chips with Swamp Dip (Buffalo chicken wings, bat-shaped tortilla chips, and cheese and green salsa dip)
Vampire Steaks with Gaaaahlic Butter Sauce (Basically steak-on-a-stick, except the 'stick' is the bone)
Swamp-Bottom Greens (Escarole sauted with garlic and red peppers. It will be served on small, flat, cleaned stones with carved sticks as forks)
Mummy Dogs
Finger Cookies
Decorated Sugar Skulls
Chocolate Graveyard Cake with Cookie-Crumble Dirt, Gummy Worms, And Sugar Tombstones
Slime Soup (split-pea soup with cheese), served in skull-shaped bowls with faux-bone spoons
Monster-Eyes: hollowed-out Elva and Honeydew melon balls stuffed with maraschino cherries and semi-sweet chocolate chips for pupils.

And some Not Spooky Food:
Cheddar and Cider Fondue
Pumpkin-Peanut Curry Noodles with Five-Spice Seared Scallops and Shrimp
Savory Herb-Stuffed Mushrooms
Sweet Polenta (Cinnamion, Raisin, and Pine Nuts)
Vegan Sushi Rolls (Filled with Radishes or Sweet Potatoes)
Halloween Petit Fours

Kage is dressed in a very convincing Indiana Jones costume.
Sennyo's costume is a basic, pale-green, Greek-style tunic.
Jessie's Costume
Sky's Costume
Kian is dressed in silk and velvet, a dark little vampire. http://images.halloweenexpress.com/sources/com/halloweenexpress/images/products/ic7001f.jpg
Cassie is dressed as Sexy Snow White. http://www.halloweenlane.com/catalog/product/gallery/id/3182/image/953/
Hy is dressed in a miniskirted kimono. http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/20583.jpg
And Hanan Is coming as a priest. http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/supernatural_tvblog/extras/nightmare002.jpg
(There were links to these last four, but they were throwing up errors when I tried to give them text, so you get them un-fancied)

This is a Time Has No Meaning, Yay! Halloween party, mostly intended for the kids. The food is laid out on tables in the back yard. The yard and tables are completely decked out for the day. There's mist coming off the pond, spiderwebs in the trees, a graveyard.. basically everything you can imagine for a Spooktacular Halloween party.
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Kage leads the way from the Nexus, pausing in the front courtyard where they are immediately swamped by the dodos.

"I know you've been here before, but I can't remember if you were subjected to the.. security guards," he laughs.

* * *
It's been a while since they've been seen in these parts...but never fear they haven't forgot you Cassie and Kage.

Coming up towards the front door are John and Amaya, the latter rather obviously pregnant and John is hovering a bit, he'll be pulling out chairs and making sure to serve her whatever she wants!

Although he does get distracted by the dodos as always and gives Doris a shout out and excited wave. Poor Doris runs off when he catches sight of John though!

He decides to be very polite indeed and knock on the door like proper guests!

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At the front door
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excited excited
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The Dodos!
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Captain John arrives en scene from the orange glowy thing.

He's carrying a basket and is looking for the greenhouse (there is one, right).

And not to worry, it's not explosive.

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The gardens of Irie
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bouncy bouncy
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Humming to himself
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She had thought of flowers, but, well, hello Sennyo. She had thought of a pet - but had nothing that wouldn't eat the dodo's. Damn.

So she settled on peanut butter cookies. Home made peanut butter cookies.

In retrospect? She maybe should have stuck with the flowers.

A jar of peanut butter and several dozens of cookies later, she was a mess. The kitchen was a mess. There were powdery footprints and hand prints EVERYWHERE. The air smelled of burnt peanut butter, and Leela finally, FINALLY got the hang of the new air-bake cookie trays and had managed to make just over two dozen cookies that were crispy-light, of roughly the same size, and NOT BURNT.

These were the ones she had on a tray, pinpointing to a rather large, ok, mansionlike house far from her own. Not bothering to get changed, her jeans are floury, her face and hair is floury, she has it on her elbows and on the edge of one ear as well.

And yes, Leela smelled like, you guessed it! Peanut butter.

Ringing the doorbell, she laid the thank-you card to Kage, Casciel and Hyou (and yes, thank you's to Sennyo as well) for that MOST EXCELLENT PARTY on top of the tray, over the plastic wrap that kept the cookies safe from flies and more importantly? Not falling off of the plate.

Then, in typical Leela fashion, she began to sneak away before they opened the door. Sneak, sneak, sneak... leaving a very light trail of flour footprints behind, and the lingering, ever fading scent of - you guessed it, peanut butter.
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It's been a rather busy time for Captain John, so he's only just now bringing Joan to Irie.

They're in their matching coats, spring in their steps.

"There it is!" John waves a hand at the huge house. "Great beds, huge kitchen, sexy people! It's practically perfect."

"Doesn't have Amaya though, so that's why you're over at her house?" Joan pokes out her tongue.

"I cannot tell a lie," John admits.

"Since when?"

"Do you want me to show you this house? Or are you gonna be an arse?" John stops, folding his arms.

Joan rolls her eyes. "Soooo touchy. I'll be nice."

"Righto!" John leads her up to the house and through the front door.

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Walking through Irie
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cheerful cheerful
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What with the lack of the coat and the wide brim hat, but gotta dress to the conditions!

He visited Old Cairo today, found a whole lot of interesting things, but that's not why he's here.

He's on a mission.

Books! He needs books! Certain kinds of books...

Although he's not sure if they'll be there...and if they are how he'll look at them without people finding out, but whatever. Who dares wins or some crap like it.

Of course, once he gets inside Irie he remembers that he has not, in fact, ever gone to the library.

Well, shit.

Guess he'll get looking then!

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On the hunt for the Library!
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Kage can hear the little Glowworm puttering in the conservatory.. The gods only know what he's doing in there this time. At least he keeps the damn plants healthy.

He is just going to go through his stash of books, and see if there's anything Phil might like.

* * *
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